PTSD: Falling From Heaven. A Rose by anyother name...
Shell Shock, Battle Fatigue, Soldier’s Heart, PTSD.(c) 2014 by Don Poss
Pearl Harbor: Is it still A Day that Will Live in Infamy?

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LET FREEDOM RING (My Country Tis of Thee), by Abby Anderson

Green Beret Affair, 1969, by Terry McIntosh, Co D, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) Det. A-414, Thanh Tri, SVN.
Grenade! Airman's Medal; AFCM
, 1966-1967, by Clarence Schofield.

A Safe Haven, Can Tho Airfield, 1969-1970, by Thomas Samuel Thomas Jr.

Old Cars and Vietnam, 1967-1968, by Michael J. Walsh.
The Struggle for Truth, 2013, an essay, by Joe Abodeely (Colonel, Ret).

This Day In United States of America Military History
South Vietnam fell 763 days after the U.S. withdrew from SVN (29 Mar 1973 - 30 Apr 1975).
Will Iraq be considered a Defeat as was the Vietnam War?
500 Plus Original War-Stories!
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