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3rd Tactical Dispensary ambulance called to transport wounded from area of Bunker Hill-10, Bien Hoa Air Base, TET 1968

Bien Hoa Air Base, POL Fuel Dump, Tết 31 Jan 1968. F-100 burns on the flightline as 45 122mm Rockets are received, and stray shrapnel has found a POL truck's tank, flooding the field with thousands of gallons of JP4 fuel that flows down the road toward a burning Super Sabre ... stopping just short. An Augmentee radios Central Security Control, but 1,400 Viet Cong and North Vietnamese are battling with the 3rd Security Police Squadron for Bunker Hill-10, and attempting perimeter penetration in four locations. Composite Photo (c) 2017 by Don Poss.


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